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My research on zombies really put me on a rage because of the numerous content associated with the topic on the internet. I was pissed off while  trying to come across tangible information  about zombies. Irrelevant stuff like zombie game suggestions, review of a zombie novel which did not matter. I finally came across some websites which were very useful in helping my research questions after surfing the net for more than two days. I came across http://www.cdc.gov/ which pulled up on the second page on Google. It was one out of three sites which I believe are credible, although I found more but the information being shared is not something I believe is tangible enough because of it’s fictionality. A post by one Ali Khan although old, enlightened me on the assigned research questions where do zombies come from? It’s informing me that it has Haitian and New Orleans voodoo origins. It is referring to a human corpse reanimated to serve the undead.  Another website which I believe to be credible is http://www.psychologytoday.com with a post on it’s association with apocalypse is simply because of the belief that in the end we all end up dead and at the end of life those who struggle to make it back would never be normal and shall always pose great danger. A website which I believe would have credible sources to back up my research data with similar information to the one’s I had listed above is http://www.washingtonpost.com which is a renowned powerhouse in the media.


A’s Blog 1

          I remember a time my neighborhood was out of power for a month. It was a traumatizing and  humbling experience for me and my family. It was the summer of 2010,we had just finished watching a world cup soccer match when we heard sparks, all the electrical appliances started to misbehave and in less than a minute, the lights went off. There was so much panic in the house because of what had happened. My mum suggested we all lit candles, lanterns and place them at strategic points in the house to help out while the power was going to be restored the next day. I was uncomfortable for most of the night as the heat became more and more unbearable. Then morning came and the power holding company broke the news that the plant supplying power had gone up in flames. This soon became the nightmare we had to live with. For survival we had to fetch water with a bucket from a surrounding lake into a makeshift water tank which my mum had ordered it’s construction due to the incident. We had to buy more candles and lanterns to illuminate the house. We had to use our cooking pots to heat up water to kill the germs and make it safe for use. After ten days  my family and I  pretty much adjusted to the system though it was quite hectic!